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    9 Pieces = 3 Weeks of Outfits

    We wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time So why bother having 80% of clothes in your closet that you don’t wear? Capsuling is the idea of having a collection of pieces that are similar in a color family that can be mixed […]

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  • Eyebrows

    The Starting Line: A Well Shaped Brow

    Did you know the eyebrow is one of the most important features of the face? This one feature defines every other line of your face. Your brows move. They add expression.  If they are not carefully defined, you will lose definition in the entire upper […]

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  • The Makeover Expert Nerium Skin Treatment

    Capturing Your Youth From the Inside Out Capturing Your Youth From the Inside Out Are you unhappy by the wrinkles around your eyes? Do you look older than you feel? Do you wish for an easy way to get more youthful skin? Nerium is your answer. Simple and easy to use, […]

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  • Cropped KateHeader1BlueSquare E1417218392628

    Cost-Saving Tips That Are Easy To Follow

    Cost-Saving Tips That Are Easy To Follow The Skinny on Belts. Belts can make an outfit look very pulled-together.  The key to successful belt-wearing is knowing your figure type.  If you are short-waisted or have a higher hip, go for a narrow belt.  A wide belt […]

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