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Color 101 - Color Anaylsis Before and AfterColor 101

Are you tired of wearing only black but hate the effort it takes to shop for new colors? Do you avoid wearing makeup because you're not sure what colors look good on your skintone or near your eyes? Imagine if every item in your closet enhanced your eyes, created luminous looking skin and made your hair shine brighter. How would that feel?

A color analysis is about discovering 40 of your very best colors and being able to easily incorporate those into your wardrobe and makeup. It's all you need to dress with style and confidence.

Unwrap your inner beauty to expose your greatest potential, your unique self, with our Color Alliance system. For both men and women, our Color Alliance system utilizes precise scientific measurements which eliminate the margin of human error from a personal seasonal color analysis. And, it provides great variety and flexibility in the selection of colors for each individual. The result is a color analysis seasonal palette unique to you, specifically designed to complement your coloring with accuracy and precision. No other color system can duplicate this highly personalized approach … this unique alliance.

Color 101 - First Impressions

Do the colors you wear create a great first impression? Our computerized Color Alliance® system is unique and precise

Color 101 - Color Analysis Men

  • Over 4 million color combinations available
  • Your season determines what colors look best on you
  • There are 362 different palettes; not just 4 (winter, spring, summer & fall)
  • Your palette consists of 40 of YOUR best colors
  • Your palette is like your finger print; scientifically identifies YOU

Today is the day to begin creating your style and gaining more confidence in the way you dress with our Color Alliance system. Call The Makeover Expert at 919-624-2294 and start today!