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smiling businessman in a meetingMen's Professional Package

Are you viewed as a leader? Are you looking to gain a competitive edge?  Your image is one of your greatest tools for success, both personally and professionally.  Our Men’s Professional Package offers you one-on-one style and wardrobe advice to help put you on the map. Beginning with our analysis of your own natural coloring, our mission is to create an easy system which allows you to maintain consistency and integrity in your professional look while sending specific image messages for your different business needs. We give you the look you need to get the results you want.

Confident dressing begins with an individualized analysis of your hair, skin and eye colors.  Why? This scientific analysis will yield colors that are unique to you that it’s like having a fingerprint of your best colors.  Owning this palette means faster shopping, more money in your pocket, and greater confidence in your professional wardrobe.

Imagine creating a visual presence with less of an emphasis on what you’re wearing but which has a greater impact on those around you. Your style analysis will identify your best hair styles, eye glass wear, shirt and jacket styles, ties, and your most powerful professional combinations of suits, shirts, and ties. Only you will know why your image creates a great first impression every time. These personalized style secrets work great for your casual wardrobe too.

Our Men's Professional Package Includes:

  • An individualized color palette
  • A personalized style analysis
  • A face shape analysis
  • Organize My Closet™ session (2 hr)
  • Personal Shopping (2 hr)
  • Bonus: One hour of Consulting Services – Your choice of service

Whether your professional dress is business casual or more formal, your closet must be organized and audited to save you time.  Shopping from within your closet can yield professional looks that you never thought of! And if you don’t have all of the pieces needed for your professional wardrobe, that’s not a problem!  As part of this professional package, and with our newly created shopping strategy, we will shop for those missing items, quickly and effortlessly. Our work together can be completed in as little as two weeks, but the efforts will be long lasting. 

Armed with the tools and knowledge from our Men’s Professional Package, your image will continue to speak volumes about you every day.