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Pretty Face Package - Autumn PartPretty Face Package

Are you bored with your same old makeup routine? Are you feeling in a rut?  Do you need a makeover but not sure what to do or where to go?  Look no longer! Your image is one of your greatest tools for success, both personally and professionally.  OurPretty Face package offers you the confidence to look great every day with little effort.  Using science and art, we take the guesswork out of your makeup and clothing choices for years to come!

An individualized analysis of your hair, skin and eye colors is the first step on this journey.  You will receive a color palette loaded with your best colors and shades. It’s your fingerprint in Technicolor!

The wonderful combination of science and art doesn’t stop with your color palette.  You will receive a complete makeover using naturally enhancing makeup colors specifically chosen FOR YOU. You will see how easily the right makeup shades work to enhance your best features. 


Our Pretty Face Package Includes:

  • An individualized color palette for makeup, clothing and shopping
  • Naturally enhancing makeover and lesson using scientifically selected color choices based on your color analysis name
  • A breakthrough method for choosing flattering clothes, accessories, best hair styles and more

Our last, but certainly not least, step is to analyze your face shape.  Why? So you can easily express your individuality and personal style. This lifelong information will save you countless hours of shopping and will put more money in your pocket.  Let’s not forget how fabulous you will look in every purchase and every outfit going forward. And if that’s not enough, choosing the right shape in eye glasses, hair styles and accessories will be easy and quick.  If that doesn’t boost your confidence, I don’t know what will! 

Confident dressing begins with knowing who you are so begin today by signing up for your Pretty Face package now!