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Shopping Expert Package - Bored WomanShopping Expert Package

ADo you avoid shopping for yourself?  Would you rather go to the dentist than to a clothing store? If so, our Shopping Expert package has your name on it!  Your image is one of your greatest tools for success, both personally and professionally, but creating your own unique image can be overwhelming.  Our Shopping Expert package identifies your personal style, assists you in purchasing new outfits and guarantees that you’ll have fun all the while.  With your personalized color palette and some self-discovery lessons, you’ll begin to embrace shopping and the joy of being a smart shopper.

An individualized analysis of your hair, skin and eye colors is the first step in the Shopping Expert package.  Why? This scientific analysis, based on the Munsell Color Wheel, yields your own unique color palette.  It’s like having a fingerprint of your best colors.  The color palette that you will receive has 40 of your very best colors. For years to come, your clothing and makeup purchases will be nothing but YOUR most flattering!  Long gone will be the days of overstuffed closets and dreaded shopping trips.

Our Shopping Expert Package Includes:

  • A computer-generated, individualized color palette (40 of your best colors)
  • Naturally enhancing makeover and lesson using scientifically selected color choices based on your color analysis name
  • A face shape analysis
  • Personal Style Expression analysis
  • A 2 hour personal shopping session 

Confident dressing begins with knowing who you are. Identifying your face shape and personal style expression are key components to expressing your individuality and style.  Whether your professional dress is business casual or more formal, you should make a great impression every day. Smart shopping will be easier with this newly found confidence of knowing who you really are, what styles look best on you, and how to create the image you want for yourself.

This lifelong information will save you countless hours of shopping and will put money in your pocket.  Let’s not forget how fabulous you will look in every purchase and every outfit going forward.  If that doesn’t boost your confidence, I don’t know what will! Let’s get started today!