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Life is crazy busy. I get that. My mission has always been to help both men and women look their best, effortlessly, every day. You know that also includes your overstuffed makeup boxes, baskets and drawers. Like a messy, unorganized closet, having too many makeup products can slow you down, both physically and mentally. It’s exhausting spending energy on makeup clutter. STOP! Read on to find out how to get a handle on your makeup mayhem.

Simplify your life … simplify your makeup stash.

First off, do you really need 15 lipsticks? Like the clothes in your closet, you probably wear 20% of your makeup 80% of the time. I imagine you have several of those promo items from the department store makeup counters taking up real estate in your stash. Seriously, I bet you have 5 different eye shadow compacts but only use one eye shadow out of each of those compacts. That’s too much. Wouldn’t it be nice to only own the makeup items that you use daily? Simplify.

5 ways to know your makeup is not a keeper:

  1. The color sits on top of your skin, instead of blending nicely into your skin
  2. It stinks. (Lipstick, especially, starts to smell if it’s old)
  3. You own compacts filled with eye shadows and blushes, but you only use 2 or 3 of the colors
  4. When there’s dust on the container … hello, you’re not using it!
  5. Any unused or barely used lipstick tubes which are most likely years old! (See #2)

“Now that you’ve sorted and purged your makeup stash, finding the right storage container and a home for your makeup is key to maintaining a well-organized makeup stash,” according to Sane Jane’s, Lynda Rothman, a Raleigh professional organizer.  Lynda and I both agree, we liked this organizer for easy access makeup but there are so many more options available to you.

A makeup drawer with only those items you use daily will most definitely get you out of the door on time but will also make you feel empowered that you’ve got a handle on the clutter. So, if I can get you out the door, feeling and looking fabulous, and on time, then my mission has been completed.

As part of my Authentic Confidence campaign, I am offering a special 90-minute Right Colors Right Makeup consultation for only $125. We’ll go through your makeup to make sure each piece is in harmony with your color-palette and can be used daily for that polished look. You don’t live in the Raleigh/Durham area? No problem. We can do this virtually.

Contact me to schedule your Right Colors Right Makeup consult.