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9 Pieces = 3 Weeks of Outfits

We wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time

So why bother having 80% of clothes in your closet that you don’t wear?

Capsuling is the idea of having a collection of pieces that are similar in a color family that can be mixed and matched together to create many looks. A college student might start off with one “interview” capsule which consists of one skirted suit, 3 blouses/tops and 2 pairs of dress shoes. A seasoned worker could have 4 “work” capsules in her Best Basics (navy, brown, burgundy or gray). Pictures below are examples of my client’s navy capsule.

Navy capsule

The goal is to have fewer items in your closet but with more wearability.

These are just a few of the reasons why capsuling is a smart investment:

  1. Grab and go wardrobe made up of your favorite “truly you” pieces
  2. Reduces boredom with your clothes
  3. Easy to be more creative with mixing and matching since your pieces work together
  4. Saves money by buying less
  5. Shopping for interesting, funky or bright colored accessories to create the “wow” won’t break the bank
  6. Packing for a trip just got a lot easier
  7. Your true self shows through every day

Start with a work capsule, in one of your Best Basics. A Best Basic color is a non-memorable color (think men’s suiting). Men can wear the same suit two times in a week with a different shirt/tie combination and no one notices. So, start with a navy suit or suit-like look. (i.e. A navy cargo jacket with a pair of striped navy pants would work as a non-suited capsule basic.) You could then add a printed skirt and several tops to this mix. Throw in a metallic shoe and a sandal and you’ve already got a week’s worth of work clothes.

Create a capsule in another Best Basic color like your best tan/beige.  OK, now that you have 2 capsules (navy and tan), mix the tan jacket with the navy pin-striped or the navy cargo jacket with a skirt from the tan capsule. Your choices are endless!

Your confidence will soar as your image remains consistent as you stay true to your authentic self. That 20% of your favorites just turned to 100%.

Here are some basic rules for capsuling:

  1. Start building capsules in your Best Basics (navy, brown, tan, gray, burgundy/brick red, black*)
  2. A new purchase needs to go with 3 pieces already in your closet
  3. Select similar color family for each collection
  4. Choose similar weight of fabric for a collection (Don’t pair a heavy wool blazer with a summery linen top.)
  5. Build capsules for your different slices of life (i.e. work, church, evening/date night, work out, casual/beach)
  6. Collect accessories that can pull double duty across different capsules
  7. Spend your budget on quality staples (pants, jackets, skirts) rather than quantity

I absolutely love capsuling and want to help you love it too! Reach out TODAY! [email protected]

Let’s get wearing 100% of your wardrobe 100% of the time!

Photograpy by Catherine Davis Photography

*Contrary to what most stylists say, black is not a Best Basic for everyone. A deep navy may be more flattering to your overall coloring. A color analysis can determine that.