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Cost-Saving Tips That Are Easy To Follow

Cost-Saving Tips That Are Easy To Follow

The Skinny on Belts. Belts can make an outfit look very pulled-together.  The key to successful belt-wearing is knowing your figure type.  If you are short-waisted or have a higher hip, go for a narrow belt.  A wide belt looks great on a longer waist because there’s room to spare.  If you bulge around the belt, try a thinner belt or a bigger size.  A bigger size works well to “skim” the waist while defining it.  A belt peeking out from under a jacket creates the illusion of a waist, even if you don’t have one!
Just MY size. If you think clothes should fit you perfectly off the rack, think again! And forget about clothes’ sizes too.  Fit to the largest part of your body.  For example, choose a pair of pants that skim over your hips and thighs, ignoring the gaping waist.  A waist can be easily altered.  Become friends with your tailor to get “just my size” clothing.

The Secret Behind Your Face. Do you have an angled or contoured face?  Harmony and balance can be created easily with the right neckline.  Choose your necklines and style lines that best represent your face shape.  If your jaw area is more angled, than a v-neck or square neck will be more flattering than a scoop neck.

Size Does Matter … When it Comes to Accessories. Keep your patterns and accessories in proportion to your body and pay attention to their placement.  Oversized earrings or large designs overwhelm a petite person, just as a small purse will look disproportionate on a fuller- figured person.  Much like an overwhelming design, jeans with a design on the back pockets are not the best choice if you don’t want to call attention to your derriere. And be aware that a purse with a short shoulder strap will add width to your upper torso.

The Quest for Color! Your personal style begins with knowing your best colors.  Use color to reflect your personality while sending specific messages.  Are you fashionable and creative?  Try a navy, yellow and purple color combination.  Or do you want others to see you as intelligent?  Go with yellow!  With a little help, finding the right colors and smart combinations can be your first simple pleasure of the upcoming New Year.

As a professional style consultant, I want to help you create a style that works for you and is easy to maintain.  Life is too short!  Don’t get bogged down with a closet full of “nothing-to-wear” items.  A few simple tricks, a palette with 40 of YOUR best colors and a personal style portfolio is all you need to look great every day.

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