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This is why everyone should have an Image Consulting Session with Kate Leser. Having received my color palette after Kate's intense session and receiving her insightful input, on Saturday during my expo, I was wearing one of my suggested hair enhancing colors for a shirt. Over 2,000 attendees walked past my booth and ALL DAY long, people kept stopping, looked at me, and proclaimed, "You have the most beautiful head of hair I have seen on a man!" I was infinitely appreciative of all the people noticing me!

On Saturday, I was wearing a color shirt that is NOT on my color palette, but one I LOVE because of how brilliant purple it was. Besides, the correct shade shirt did not arrive on time before I left, so I had no choice. All day Sunday, with over 3,000 attendees, people still kept stopping ALL DAY, but this time proclaiming, "Oh my goodness! What a beautiful color shirt you are wearing! I LOVE that color purple!" Not one person noticed my hair or eyes! They only noticed my shirt!

Lesson learned! Thank you Kate for all the wisdom you imparted. Now I will not be a dumb ass and ignore it! However, I did learn another thing, though. I will keep my favorite color shirt and wear it on a bad hair day! No one will notice!!! 🙂 Kate is worth seeing!

Vincent Genna

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The Makeover Expert offers a complete experience to take your look to the next level. For both men and women, the goal is not only to give you confidence, but also to save you time, money and frustration by helping you understand what looks good, how to shop for it and how to put it all together. Simplify shopping, eliminate the everyday struggle of what to wear, and look put-together are a few of the results of The Makeover Expert Experience.

Great style is no accident. The Makeover Expert tier system experience in which you will learn many things about yourself, your style and how to look your best every day with minimal effort. Whether you need help with your professional wardrobe or personal, I’ve got you covered. Call today or email me to learn more. 919-624-2294


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