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As far as confidence in my image and wardrobe, you helped me go from "I think I know" to "I know". From an inner mojo, sometimes that has been enough to take me from okay to good, and sometimes from good to great. It has always served me well. Thank you.

Oie O
Ronald McDonald House

I loved your services!  You helped me personally gain a bit of control in my wardrobe, and professionally because when I wear the clothes and style you recommend, I feel more confident.  I wish you could live in my house and dress me every day.  

M. Steigerwald
NC Community Foundation


Individual Consultations

Are you confident in the way you look?  Do you want to be authentic in your style? Do you need help changing the way people view you?  Does your image give off the wrong message?

If you have said yes to any of these questions, our tier system will help you get the look you need and the results you want.  For more information click below. 

Science of Style Tier System